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Malmström, August (b,1829)- Teasing -2b

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Island Afternoon, Greece  2000          "The impressionistic technique of Island Afternoon, Greece allowed me to explore the interplay of color on this sun-drenched hill. The sun was high in the sky, the Aegean was a radiant sapphire blue. The hues of rock and vegetation interweave in a tapestry that expresses the glory of God's creation."  -Thomas Kinkade

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Round the table, 1843. Peter Christian Skovgaard, swedish

Round the table, Peter Christian Skovgaard, swedish

Udvandrere på Larsens Plads (version 2) - Larsens Plads - Wikipedia, den frie encyklopædi

Edvard Petersen - Emigrants on Larsens Plads

Anders Leonard Zorn (1860-1920)

Zorn exhibit was at the Legion of Honor, San Francisco. Although Zorn is a household word in Sweden, he is not as well known here but he should be as was, in fact, one of the most important portraitists of the Gilded Age.


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