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ohnamine: “ “sorikai! (✿´ ꒳ ` ) ” ”

ohnamine: “ “sorikai! (✿´ ꒳ ` ) ” ”

The moon from the World That Never Was!

hearts, Island, and kingdom hearts imageの画像

SORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come back from the darkside please, it makes looking at you PAINFUL!! ~ carly oat

Dark Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts: Wayfinders tutorial Tifax.deviantart.com I will probably NEVER do this, but the thought of actually making one is so cool!

Kingdom Hearts: Wayfinders tutorial by Tifax

Keyblades (and chakrams). I want to own these keys

Keyblades (and chakrams)

Keyblades (and chakrams). I want them all ♡ ( my kingdom key broke .

A HEARTLESS FESTIVAL ~!!! But I think it's kinda sad I can name everyone of these heartless...

A HEARTLESS FESTIVAL ~! Some of my favorite heartless (+some that are cute but I actually hate fighting.) A new print up for pre-order in my store ☄✨ The next con to see this irl will be Otafest ♡♡.

Xions, Roxas and Axel ♥ Sora, Riku and Kairi ♥ Terra, Ventus e Aqua • Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts BM Set by the other game love of my life, Kingdom Hearts. its amazing in the creativity department, managing to use old disney classics and make them new

Tags: Anime, Kingdom Hearts, Aqua (Kingdom Hearts), Kingdom Hearts: 8irth 8y Sleep, Terra

Tags: Anime, Kingdom Hearts, Aqua (Kingdom Hearts), Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Terra Oh my god O-O I love this art. And I played birth by sleep as a kid so I love it

Kingdom Hearts PS3 controller. ~ Oh my. Is it wrong for me to want this so…                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

Kingdom Hearts Controller ~ Oh my, is it wrong for me to like this so much?

Sora throughout the Kingdom Hearts series.

Sora, Kingdom Hearts missing but all in all not a bad line up.