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*Cough* Don't even ask me what this is, because I don't know it either. Please ignore the possible OOC-ness. They're more mature here. This way of colouring is a lot messier and therefore also a lo...

Hah, the title rhymes! What you see here is part of something I had actually planned as a doujinshi some time ago, but since I& lazy as fuck I decided to just take my favourite sc.

Héhé humour dessin sexy

This is my absolute favorite pin I look at it every fucking day like,bless the artist! Yoi I always saw this pin but never knew it was Otayuri

FMA- Kiss Meme by amburger91<<<Really loved the awkward kiss lol! Al and May would! Hahaha!

So recently, I have been asked yet again to do another EdxWin meme. Presenting my "EdxWin" Kiss Meme hand-picked by the amazing .

Betrayal by MethodforMadness on DeviantArt

"Long sleep the king. More Mustang family fluff! It seems of late, dumb crossovers are kinda my thing. I'll stop talking now. On a completely un.

EdxWin  "Sweet Dreams"  by lettherebedoodles

EdxWin "Sweet Dreams" by lettherebedoodles Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell _Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

EdxWin by fennethianell

This is my favorite EdWin comic ever. This is their relationship in a nutshell. EdxWin by fennethianell