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Three grizzly cubs waiting for mom and fishing in the park in Alaska. (Steven Kazlowski / Barcroft Media) The Three Bears !

Three brown bear subspecies are endangered: The European brown bear, the Tibetan blue bear & the Mexican grizzly bear which is said to be possibly extinct. Main cause of decline is a habitat reduction due to human settlement. Brown bears are hunted for sport & persecuted because they are believed to be a danger to humans & a threat to livestock. Conservation efforts vary in intensity from highly organized management of brown bears in North America to little or no management of Asian species.

Jonathan Derden: a pair of brown bears having some summertime fun in Alaska

森の木陰で Ring Around the Rosie....

Finnish photographer Valtteri Mulkahainen’s photos of bear cubs playing 'Ring around the Rosie' in Suomussalmi, north-eastern Finland, were picked up by the US paper Daily News.

Great catch little guy

BROWN BEAR that live near the coast feed on fish, particularly salmon. These bears will grow much larger than others because of their protein rich diet.

coisasdetere:  Urso …

Grizzly in the candy store - Photo and Comment by Robert McRae: Inland Grizzly Bears wake from hibernation very hungry and immediately begin to eat large quantities of grasses and plants, which make.

Rare pic of me laying in a field smelling flowers with my foot

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Summer cubs, McNeil River Bear Sanctuary, Alaska Photo by Thomas D.

stearmanjunkie:  “ suitsandbootz:  “ Know how you feel buddy.  Been some week.  ”  Usual post-dialysis mood.  ”

stearmanjunkie: “ suitsandbootz: “ Know how you feel buddy. Been some week. ” Usual post-dialysis mood. ”

Da Bears

funnywildlife: Here is a poster of the 8 bear species. Note: a Koala is NOT a bear. Panda Bear Sun Bear Sloth Bear, Andean Bear (Spectacled Bear), American Black Bear, Brown Bear pics show subspecies) Polar Bear, Asiatic Black Bear (Moon Bear).


guardian: “ A bear stands in front of a steaming geyser in the Valley of the Geysers of Kronotsky Zapovednik, Russia. From this week’s wildlife - in pictures Photograph: Igor Shpilenok/Barcroft.

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The three tree by Lauri Tammik on one little bear. Two little bears. three little bears.ah shit, one big bad momma bear!