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Cubans mourn Fidel Castro's death - AFP

Cubans mourn Fidel Castro's death - AFP

perfect for roquefort cheese: day-trip: good for the goose, good for the gander

Over the weekend, we had the chance to re-visit the millennium-old cathedral of Mainz (Mainzer Dom) and walk the aisles.

Rey x Finn Star Wars Force Awakens and the Last Jedi

Don’t know which to chose between Rey and fin or Rey and Kylo ren. AhHhhH cAn’t DeCidE.

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Seriously I JUST rewatched the Force Awakens last night and gasped when I realized (after now seeing TLJ) that this wasn't referring to Luke Skywalker, but about Ben Solo.

Majong Bar, Lisbon

Mahjong, in Lisbon, great bar Teatro Nacional de Sao Carlos

Kylo Ren - Denis Medri

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12 Kylo Ren Memes From 'Force Awakens' That Prove The 'Star Wars' Villain Is Really Just A Whiny Teen

Kylo Ren: The Internet's Favorite Emo Kid

12 Kylo Ren Memes From 'Force Awakens' That Prove The 'Star Wars' Villain Is…

BEN! *my god why do you keep calling me Ben? My name is Kylo. KyLO!*

Kylo - The Last Jedi<<< This scene showed how much trust they had in each other. They were supposed to be enemies yet he gave her the saber back and she threw it to him to save his life. They trusted each other completely.

Фотография 14

Фотография 14

“Why is the Force connecting us? You and I.” #reylo #tlj #sw

“Why is the Force connecting us?” Childhood Was Used To Be Awesome With Star Wars. It made us laugh, it made us cry but above all it thought us about the most important lessons in life like friendship, bravery and love.