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fragileblackgirl: circuitfry: functional jet-propulsion swimming robot legs aqua-cyborg *deep inhale* I’m just thinking about the leaps and bounds this could mean for disabled folks.

20151111, NAMGWON LEE on ArtStation at

artissimo: “ 20151111 by namgwon lee EXPOSE The Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe ”

Hajime Sorayama _sexy Robot standing model _A【Planned to be shipped in late October 2015】

Medicom Hajime Sorayama Sexy Robot Standing Model A Figure (silver)

The End of Self-Awareness

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Hajime Sorayama official site releases his early and up-to-date information, including the Sexy Robot series, collaborative projects, exhibitions and art books.

Human by Aditya777, cyberpunk, science fiction, robot, cyborg girl, female, girl, robotic, mechanical, female robot

Dragon t-shirt

Human by cyberpunk, science fiction, robot, cyborg girl, female…