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Too strict parents, that scream, demand, and scare.create sneaky kids who become very good actors.

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Clever as the devil, twice as pretty. Yes I am ! Meek as dove , wise as a snake :)

How you doing

Turn your feelings.ON A lot of people say I don't want to catch feelings. So they try to shut off their emotions. But I feel like life is about feeling, experiencing the good and the bad. It's good to feel, feeling makes us human!

Checheg ( so I am thinking Lili's adoptive brother's storyline would work better if Lili & he were blood siblings & he was the heir, until their parents found out he was abusing her & disowned him, making Lili the heir, & Checheg, as her betrothed, the future Queen. Checheg panicked at the thought & vowed to somehow put off the marriage indefinitely. She succeeded, but ended up becoming Queen anyway. Irony)

she was born second in line to the throne, a princess, and ended up the queen.

So true:) @Travis Quist love ya

If anyone EVER hurts my brother, there will be me. Don't get me wrong, I pick on my brother. But if someone else does, I won't be happy I got your back bro


My parents ways told me to stay away from the "punk/alternative" kids.look at me I practically am one.my parents told Me "never smoke" again look at Me.today I stole a fucking pack of cigarettes from my step mom because she's got 5 packs.

Take a risk. pretty much sums up my life in college. The flak I fack was calculated,' but man, am I bad at math/ "r, Bird aww man math bad at math cry


Teenager (noun) When you're too young for half the things you want to do and too old to do the other half.