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Awwwwwwwwww! #firekitty

There are so many stories about people who would risk their life to save a little furry friend. These heroes deserve our recognition for protecting not only our lives but also the lives of little felines.

Retirement of a military dog. My faith in the human race is restored.

Previous pinner said: "I love this photo. Ceremony of a Military Working Dog retiring. So great these dogs are treated with respect and honor!" This may be a Police Dog, and not a MWD. Either way, thank you for your service!

Random Acts of Kindness

Homeless man with his best friend.this picture bring tears to my eyes.how homeless this man is, he has a friend for comfort. and the feeling is mutual.

Military dog in training or just a pup & a sleepy soldier?...

Soldiers And Pets.Soldiers can be ruthless at war, but even they are in need of love. While at war, animals around the war field also get close to soldiers


*Soldier and kitty.melts my heart, God Bless Our Soldiers.

Thank Heavens For Fire Fighters

You can see the gratitude in this poor cat's eyes. The fact that a firefighter would go to the trouble of rescuing a cat makes my day. God, I love these pictures. Firefighters are AWESOME!

All keeping us proud and free. Thank you

The United States Military: Soldier = Army, Sailor = Navy, Airman = Airforce, Coastguardsman = Coastguard, and Marine = Marine Corps

Cute Emergency on

Cute Emergency on

Love this sweet story. :) Pinner said: "How sweet, and that's exactly how our Doberman is. Shasta is one of the best dogs we've ever had. She is very loving, loyal and protective. Dobermans are truly a majestic breed.


HTTP status cats by GirlieMac: classic server error codes, now with cats

aww baby panda's

lots of baby pandas! lots of baby pandas! lots of baby pandas!

Woman finds her cat alive TWO WEEKS after the devastating tornadoes that hit Joplin, MO.

Joplin Tornado : Woman Finds Cat Alive in Home's Debris 16 Days Later-- I can't even imagine the joy she felt in her heart when she found her friend touches me more than I can say.

Charlie the cat was rescued from an apartment fire by firefighter Jacob Lee of Bowling Green, Ky. one more reason to love a fireman.