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My husband ALL the way!!!!!!! Jg

frenchinhalechanelxoxo: “ inevitably-loved: “ They don’t hear you tho ” ”

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your confidence shouldn't necessarily be fake but these are some really good tips>>>in my experience faking confidence can eventually make you more confident besides this is good for acting tips

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I learned to stay humble; don't fuck with many; don't rush nothing and whatever happens.happened for a reason.

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P ➫ @ qveendaiisy Lesson learned

Gucci, Louie, Prada is definitely a want, but I'm definitely asking for the truth and a phone call at night.

Im saying tho like I can buy my own Gucci, Louie and Prada but shiit a dude that can keep it real and be faithful is hard to find.

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Damn so fuckin true, yet sometimes they do know it but prefer to be a moon for someone else.