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Did anybody else think of Tobias(Theo James) and Tris(Shailene Woodley) ? ----> oh my god that's creepy that I was thinking of tobias without trying!



Cute date ideas.

Speed Dating - Quote & Saying About Dating Cute date ideas.

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Relationship goals ❤ reaching this with babe

Instead of asking 'Wyd'                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Instead of asking 'Wyd' (Best Boyfriend Texts)

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Alright I get that but the whole punching thing if your kinda wimpy it won't get you guys who are just friends they want a girl who can play video games and sports without complaining<<yea is very true for me.

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Couple couples love lovers partner soulmate soul mate marriage wife and husband engagement pre wedding prewedding…

Really silly hot loved by everyone smile to die for loves to laugh and smile have gorgeous eyes. Id say all of that is correct except hot. I hate it when people say "your hot" im a person not a temperature! I have been told all if these things except hot cuz all of friends are guys and if they call me hot i litteraly punch their arm b/c when i first became friends with them i said that exact sentence. Im not a temperature peole!

Loves people class bunker, has gorgeous eyes, caring, caring, hot and easy to fall in love with.


how to make a girl happy! Wow these are so true! soo happy my bf does all of these!

Wow further proof that no one loves me.

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Leave this cute surprise for someone when they walk through the door :) #marriage #funwife #anniversaries

Water Balloon Fight Surprise

Let the games began 😁

Na alegria e na tristeza, na saúde e na doença, sempre estarei contigo <3

In sickness or in health. - scene inspiration for bestselling author Angela M. Shrum's upcoming novel, A Burst of Flames (Flares)

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Never gonna leave you alone | I'll always got your back | Love | Couple | Togetherness | Cute | Relationship goal

Watching Movies Together Can Improve Your Relationship, Says Study

Never gonna leave you alone. I'll always got your back

As my boyfriend and I were leaving the fair at night, I noticed a guy following us close in the back parking lot. I squeezed my bfs hand which he whispered back "I know baby girl I got you!"

That's a good boyfriend!

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are you really in love?

How to be Mega-Attractive to a Man, even if you are not his type. How to kiss a romantic or passionate? or how to kiss a girl? In fact, this question is not known, because no one thinks of a plan or more prior to perceive a kiss.