wall of mirrors

Accessory storage mixed within a very cool wall design hanging hats scarves and long necklaces against a backdrop of framed mirrors

Antiques and Collectibles 7 Ways to Declutter Your Antiques Pile: Joanna Madden offers decorating advice on how to live comfortably with loads of vintage finds. Also, see her amazing jewelry line. BY KATHLEEN HACKETT.   Adopt a flexible framework for arranging vintage finds. A gallery-esque wall of picture ledges provides Madden the freedom to swap mirrors in and out with ease. "I'm never finished with a collection," she explains. "This setup lets things continue to evolve." Bright idea…

7 Ways to Declutter Your Antiques Pile

That's a REAL #Pinterest Wall!

Wall-to-Wall Gallery Walls

Black and White Wall Gallery Hello, gallery wall! This collection of black and white photos and prints in simple, black frames is an instant focal point for any room or hallway . and a sure conversation piece, too!

A wall of mirrors gives drama, mystery and a sense of the magical.

A collection of gold mirrors against a dark wall creates a mesmerizing effect that reflects throughout the room, opening up the space without using a full-length mirror. Inspiration for bare bedroom wall. Found gold mirrors at antique store.

adding mirrored doors to cubbies underneath stairs to make a small room larger

Home Hacking: Adding Mirrors for Light, Glamour Illusion -- HP Rovinelli Architects added mirrors to that always awkward spot under the stairs. What could have been dead space is now light and airy (not to mention all that functional storage space).

distressed Louis Phillipe style mirror

Look at the reflection in the mirror at this dressing table - Paris perhaps? From Rust and Roses.