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Free, Workplace Ecard: So the mother asked, "What can he do to bring up his grade?" And I said, "Well, contact Michael J. Fox and ask to borrow that Delorean.

Oh, no. It's not like I'm trying to teach you or anything...

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Did you miss anything important yesterday? No, I noticed you were absent, so I assigned the class coloring sheets instead.

'November 1st should be a national holiday,' said EVERY TEACHER on the planet. Good thing it falls on a Friday this year!!

'November should be a national holiday,' said EVERY TEACHER on the planet. (Thank goodness Halloween is on Friday this year!

10 Things I've Learned From Teaching...The Resource Room Teacher

For my teacher friends. Smith, it IS my fault and I should lose my job because YOUR child has never read a book at home and plays video games until on school nights . Said NO teacher EVER!

#7: Only teachers know that those long breaks just even everything out.

Just so you know, teachers don't 'have the summer off'. They just do a year's worth of work in 10 months. They actually only get paid during 10 months of the year.and I do work over the summer (professional development, etc)

Teacher humor ;)

OK, so I'm a little late with this Five For Friday Post but better late than never, yeah!) Subtraction with Number Lines Th.

When I'm being observed and a kid starts acting out...

We love our kiddos, but you have to laugh at this because we take our evaluations so seriously and it can be so stressful that you have to choose to laugh or cry. I choose laugh! Try this funny faculty meeting game to release some stress in your school!

Support our teachers

Politician Man, you want to tie teacher salaries to the state tests? Can we tie YOUR salary to the economy?

… Or this. | Community Post: 25 Things Only Teachers Will Understand

Community Post: 25 Things Only Teachers Will Understand

Students: if you ever want to know what a Teacher's mind feels like, imagine a web browser with tabs open. Honestly, more like 10000 tabs open

iTeachSTEM: 10 memes that sum up my life as a teacher...

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