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last-baudelaire:    mirroir:    by Eleanor Hardwick    Reminds me of Wilde’s The Happy Prince

BIRDS // Birds in flight. What a beautiful sky photo! I wonder how I can make a pattern like this.

как их много

Birds in Flight - black & white photography, patterns & textures in nature

Still birds, moving skye

I can't look at this beautiful picture of birds without expecting a big one to come up and the pixar scene to start! Poor guys are going to lose their feathers!


This huge flock of crows and starlings flew over the other day while we were at the pumpkin patch.

birds on a wire

Passing By 8x8 Signed Print

Bird Nature Photography, Blue, Sky, Winter - Passing By - Signed Print by Tina Crespo Philadelphia Photographer

flock birds flight sky rainbow

Peace / Love / hippie / Happiness / Dream Catcher / Art / Free / Flower / Hope / Moon / Universe / Light / Tattoo / Sky / Yoga / Meditation / Colors / Green / Day and Night / Free Spirit / Feathers / Eclipse

My Paisley World http://sutton15445.tumblr.com/  Enjoy the view from my world…My Paisley World.

ligne d’oiseaux When my sweet granddaughter would see this phenomena,she would say look Gramma. the birds are all at church again!

"So many birds sitting around, on a dead wire, a bare branch, a cold ground, a drifting seashore; never realizing the glory in their wings and where it can take them, nor the envy as we look on them." — Anthony Liccione George Burba

George Burba- Birds on a telephone wire, I don't know why I always find this so artistic and awesome.

Social Artworking Canvas Painting Design - Motherly Love

Social Artworking: Motherly Love - A mama bird lovingly watches over her baby bird in this springtime representation of motherhood. This easy-to-paint design is great for younger artists looking to give Mom a special gift.