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and everything i never will say #tumblr #grunge #photography

Myns on a letter doe, tha explains what's goin on in my life nd why I'm soo upset. Nd that letters for 1 person but dnt tink I cn eva let em read it tbh.

Grunge fear door grunge style locked grunge photography

I’ve always seen this photo floating around the web, but I’ve always wondered if there’s a story behind it. It’s either the door of someone who suffered a horrible life and went insane and did this, or, it was created as an art piece.

when I was in first grade I had a reputation of actually biting people so let me tell you I, a girl, fucking bite back.


reminds me of my brother...like a story he would write or something

" He yelled as he peeked past the corner as his tennis shoes skidded on the tiled floor." Io yelped, already running in the opposite direction

Kate MossJohnny Depp avec un bonnet Viper Room Eddie Vedder de Pearl Jam au début des années 90Drew Barrymore Plus de photos des 90's

Ex-fan des nineties, où sont tes années folles, que sont devenues toutes tes idoles ?

We are the kids your parents warned you about. cx

My parents ways told me to stay away from the "punk/alternative" kids.look at me I practically am one.my parents told Me "never smoke" again look at Me.today I stole a fucking pack of cigarettes from my step mom because she's got 5 packs.