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726-29 Star Trading Rose Basket - valosarja, Ruusut korissa, Led, paristokäyttöinen, ajastin, Noortr - Valosarjat sisälle - 005850 - 3

726-29 Star Trading Rose Basket - valosarja, Ruusut korissa, Led, paristokäyttöinen, ajastin, Noortr - Valosarjat sisälle - 005850 - 3

Pond less pond

A pondless waterfall saves space and reduces workload. If you would like a water feature in your yard but would rather skip all the cleaning and algae removal and what not that goes with a pond check out this waterfall how to from Backyard Design Ideas.

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Nintendo Controller Art

White brick walls, flea-market furniture, and artfully arranged natural elements lend Flower Girl NYC& shop a whimsical feel.

Awesome DIY Mancave Ideas! Furniture, cool decor and best DIY Projects for decking out the perfect man cave with DIY Furniture and fixtures. Men Love these http://diyready.com/man-cave-ideas-19-diy-decor-and-furniture-projects/

19 Cool Man Cave Ideas To Try This Week

Awesome DIY Man Cave Ideas and cool DIY Projects for Men! rustic furniture tutorials, cool decor and best DIYs for decking out the perfect mancave

gypsy caravan

gypsie decor

Jeanne Bayol, pictured above has carved out her own unique niche in restoring old gypsy caravans and decorating them like no other. Her Caravans are for sale at les verdines. website and book: "Les Roulottes : Une invitation au voyage"

Hier ein Beispiel für die Möglichkeiten in einem kleinen Raum. Die Sitzkissen links und rechts sind definitiv zu viel und der Couchtisch sollte lieber schlicht aus Holz oder Metall sein aber sonst süß!:

Guest room- Create a nook like this by suspending curtain rods from the ceiling. Put a daybed to be the bed in a small bedroom. Closing curtains allows you privacy to maximize all space for lounge and storage- its ok to have chairs right up to the bed!



supposed to be a Bohemian bedroom - I need more plant life for my boho digs. but it'd be way more awesome as a theater/movie room

This is cool, except I wouldn't want it to cast nightmare-tree shadows, but beautiful forest trees instead.

Creating household objects from everyday things can be very rewarding. By using recycled material to create things like DIY Lamps and Chandeliers, you'll surprise yourself with how good it can look. In this article we'll be looking at DIY Lighting Ideas y

So much fun. Even the lightbulbs are colored to match.

The light fixture in the Twin's room. Another pinner said this: "Beautiful colourful chandelier. I'm not sure if it's functional but it sure is pretty." Considering Fino and Fiera's antics, I'd say that's about accurate!

Houseboat, Floating homes…

Houseboat Reflections of North America's Floating Homes. History architecture, and Lifestyles. By Ben Dennis and Betsy Case Published in / The Green Life

I love this so freaking much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like, legit love, not all-caps freaking out over.

Tree / twisted branch roots with lantern lights - Creative Interior Design home decor decorating

Interior | Bedroom by MarieColette: love wall combination with turkoois cupboard

Get the Bohemian Look With These Brilliantly Boho-Chic Interiors. If you fancy a bohemian home, these boho-chic interiors should give you some inspiration.