Shadowhunter Families + notable members

Shadowhunter Families + notable members << + James and Lucie Herondale

They both look pretty damn hot. (Just sayin ;))

"Jace" and "Alex" practicing fighting skills. Looks so complex. I always think of fighting as just *punch* *kick* *repeat*

Dom looks like "Bruh you stole my luvr." And Magnus' eye makeup says, "STFU JACE"

shadowhunters tv show LOL the book was lying the truth is that clary and Magnus fall in love instead of clary and Jace

XD<<< I imagine that during that some of the more stupider scenes he just fixes spelling mistakes

Matthew Daddario reading The Bane Chronicles. He's gotta learn about Magnus somehow! I wonder how he felt reading 'the course of true love (and first dates)' and 'what to buy the Shadow Hunter who has everything (and you're no officially dating)'

Malec | Магнус Бейн И Александр Лайтвуд

Matthew Daddario and Harry Chum Jr BTS of episode 3 of Shadowhunters, "Casually candid in their natural habitat.