OBJECT 18 - Cream striped and figured woven silk robe à la française , 1770s.  Fashion Museum Bath

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Ensemble 1750

Kyoto Costume Institute (extant men’s clothing) - Coat, Waistcoat, Breeches. Coat of purple silk brocad with floral spray pattern; waistcoat of pink silk brocad with flower and fur serpentine motif; breeches of red silk velvet.

Painted silk sack back, robe a la francaise, c 1770s

At the Sign of the Golden Scissors: Century Painted Silks: Conservation and Research. References, websites, scholarly articles and books on this topic.

Коллекция Института костюма Киото. Часть 1: 1720-1770 гг.

: “ The stomacher, a V-shaped triangular panel, wore on the front of a woman’s open gown in the century. To keep the bosom from standing out, the stomacher was extravagantly adorned with.

Robe à la française ca. 1775 From the Leeds Museum and Galleries

Historial Costume Galleries at Lotherton Hall Lotherton's holdings of historical costume have their roots in the Sanderson collection bought by Leeds City Art Galleries in Especially rich in eighteenth-century dresses and fine suits the collection ha


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Early 18thC saque back gown via Trouvais (link to actual gown is broken because it has sold)

FCBTC / Early saque back gown via Trouvais (link to actual gown is broken because it was sold)

Double jacket and chintz skirt with large designs, worn around Cotton, dyed chintz, made in India around Collection: Fries Museum, Leeuwarden.