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Penguins are such inefficient walkers.  It's so cute.  But not cuter than you.

Penguins are such inefficient walkers. But not cuter than you.

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I need to start memorizing your number, so, incase I go to prison, I'll have someone to call to cheer me up.

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daily odd compliment BAHAHAH because nothing says, "I'm awesome," quite like a sloth.

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Me and my best friend, basically

Unlike Justin Bieber, I would let you go. I mean, I like you and all, but there is this thing called "personal space", and I respect yours.

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Hahahah your wedding

(daily odd compliment,lol,call me maybe)

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Actually I can live without my computer, but I would be broke.

“Funniest Person”

And you're the winner

“Badger Care” Daily Odd Compliment


Honey badgers care about you. Which is ironic because, as we all know, honey badgers are not well known for their feelings of admiration. I swear, animals are so neat like that

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weirdest compliment ever.

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Daily Odd Compliment: You give me caterpillars. Which, as we all know, will eventually turn into butterflies. And that's just because I don't know you that well, yet