I like this pin because it shows that there are multiple ways to understand and assess the situation to come to an agreement with the person(s) in the conversation.

Interesting article on conflict management It is important to know these conflict management styles in the classroom to help facilitate student-student and student-teacher interaction.

The conflicts that were resolved were Nora's conflict, Rank's conflict, Mrs. Linde and Krogstad's conflict.

Chapter 13 : Interpersonal, Group & Workplace Conflict Principles of Conflict Preliminaries to Conflict Management Conflict Management Strategies

5 Conflict Management Styles… which do you tend to express?

5 Conflict Management Styles… Understanding which one I am, and then working on improving that style to one that works in all areas. Read up on Conflict Management styles and learn all I can on how to improve.

Psychology : Peaceful Conflict Resolution ARGUS Poster

Psychology infographic and charts Peaceful Conflict Resolution ARGUS® Poster Infographic Description This pin on conflict shows how to fight fair.

5 Various Styles of Conflict Resolution #Infographics

Five Conflict Styles infographic from Riverhouse ePress helps you think through your options in conflict resolution.

conflict resolution and anger management posters

This essential resource also addresses team building and managing anger – invaluable skills that will help to create a positive and peaceful atmosphere in schools and the workplace. Negative effects of conflict.

Sources of Conflict

Sources of Conflict