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Psittacula krameri

Psittacula krameri

Seamless cute cactus print pattern background

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Pomóż psom zabijanym na mięso na festiwalu w Yulin - Otwarte Klatki

“It’s Just a pig!” - how an Animals Asia campaign helped change Vietnam for animals

Common Redpoll sweety- I had to PIN this little bird as its beauty just touched my heart- GOD created such special creatures for us to enjoy and we preserve them for the future

An Indian Ring-Neck Parrot:  "Sorry!  Could you repeat that please?  I didn't quite catch what you said!"                                                ❤

Indian Ring-Neck Parrot: "Sorry! Could you repeat that please? I didn't quite catch what you said!

kingfisher diving into water - Google Search

Photographer Finally Snaps Perfect Shot Of Diving Kingfisher After 6 Years And Photographs Pics)

Теплые улыбки от животных, которые украсят ваш день)

The world is amazing. Enjoy a compilation of the most spectacular wildlife photos! Two green parrots preening one another.

Many birds, such as these Parrots and Owls make their nests in holes found in trees from old wooden "knits", or holes drilled/ prepared by Woodpeckers, or in still standing old tree stumps. They still must prepare their own nest inside to hold and protect and warm their eggs and families !

Family portrait of a Rose Ringed Parrot care this rose ring necked parrot was taking on its young ones.

Coral Blush ~ Little Parrot

The galah /ɡəˈlɑː/ (Eolophus roseicapilla) also known as the rose-breasted cockatoo, galah cockatoo, roseate cockatoo or pink and grey, is one of the most common and widespread cockatoos, and it can be found in open country in almost all parts of.