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scarlet is the new black

Made me laugh :)

I'd Give up Chocolate Print by Karen Tribett at eu.art.com

I'd Give up Chocolate

So true in our house!

“SSDD Same Shit Different Day” ― Stephen King, Dreamcatcher

Yeah basically how I'm feeling every single day of my life

Try Durango Coffee from the Durango Coffee Co. The best!!

:D The family knows to not talk to me before the first cup. It's the first thing I do in the morning.

Less Sleep = More Coffee (It's simple arithmetic! ; )

Coffee Coffee: because I can count the number of hours I slept last night on one hand

So true

Wooden sign: "Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden!" haha :) So True

For all those people who say I am OCD about organizing

organization-This could read "Lazy people are Just Too LAZY to organize"!

i haven' had my coffee yet. don't make me kill you.

funny, but true

well i did the "quit your job and buy a ticket" part...

Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return. Sounds like a great idea

And even then...she could still pull a trigger if the need should arise...

A woman is helpless only while her nail funny quotes quote truth women girl quotes helpless nails done

for some folks. No nothing before coffee, right?

Because I can count the hours Coffee Quote Wall Art Print


This Coffee is Making Me Awesome Decal Set of Great gift idea

...and do I have a lot of stories

Words To Live By- Quotes to Ponder As The New Year Approaches

Inspirational quotes to change your thoughts on life. Bad decisions make great stories.

"Oh, well you know me. I ran out of coffee so I just gave up on everything."

Know anyone special who is addicted to coffee? We have humorous quotes for them! Sleep is a symptom of caffeine deprivation, The only thing that is keeping me from hurting you is the fact that they don't serve Starbucks in Prison.

Music N' More: Funny Coffee Signs

Darn tootin' - NOT a morning person!

ha i need this for my future house.

I think Im going to get this and have it say Samoas, Instead of Thin Mints. We cant seem to keep them around no matter how many boxes I buy! Thin Mints No Soliciting Sign Thin Mint Cookies Girl Scout by AtlasSigns