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Sherlock season 4 promo poster oh my goodness I can't wait! First tho, there's the Christmas episode ❥ is it really new years though? Don't toy with me saying new years when its new years

Wow... beautiful paintings of the Sherlock characters

Lovely portraits of Sherlock characters. Zhang is just friggin fantastic. I highly recommend checking out the rest of her stuff on DeviantART (and Threadless too!

(Benedict) Sherlock in the original Sherlock Holmes attire Ahhh! Whoever did this is awesome!


The Magpie Theory in Sherlock. It can't be a coincidence that magpies are heavily associated with both Moriarty and Mary. The sign of three, three for a girl, three for a wedding.

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All 9 episodes and that's all we have. All these other fandoms have seasons. We have 9 episodes.

Love it                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Molly's is soooo realistic, it looks so real! Alice X Zhang's Sherlock portraits. I'm sure I've pinned these before, but too bad. Her work is so good that the BBC have licensed some of it and prints are available to be purchased in the BBC Shop.

(1) I could watch this all day XD<---i was skeptical about this...but seriously... ALL. DAY. I COULD. HONOR MY EYES. WITH THIS GIF

I could watch this all day XD<---i was skeptical about this.but seriously.

There are lots of Arthur Conan Doyle Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout Sherlock.

15 Sherlock Easter Eggs Straight From Arthur Conan Doyle

He made soooo many references, and should, and I think the most obvious is "a study in pink" vs. "A study in scarlet". Also one of the original quotes is "it is quite a three pipe problem.

Let's test your powers of observation!

How Well Do You Know Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock?

That's a good looking poster, especially for fan work. Sherlock poster, London in the Fog- Cumberbatch being mysterious // 11 x 17 Print on Etsy,


and yet, he is every fangirl's dream

"What if he's gay? What if he's a serial killer? What if he's a gay serial killer?" "Hello, have you met the Creepypasta fandom?

Richard Brook and Moriarty.... TWINS?!? <----- interesting theory

Richard Brook and Moriarty<<<But it's never twins, remember? It's never twins. <<<<< but what if he was wrong! Oh my gosh it might be twins!

The outtakes = Awesomeness x Poor Ben. Wish we could see the look on Mark Gatiss' face, the troublemaker!

The outtakes = Awesomeness x Poor Ben :( <<<<<<It gets funnier the longer you watch it though.

The greatest trick the Devil ever played was convincing people he did not exist. #Sherlock

The greatest trick the Devil every played was convincing people he does not exist. - The Usual Suspects {Sherlock}