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At this point Lawrence was a asshole to ahpmau and he would not leave her alone (this is why I ship Garmau)

I'm crying rn. #SaveGarroth (spread the hashtags everywhere!!)

I'm crying rn. (spread the hashtags everywhere!)little did I know he caused Aaron's death😭😭

I love Aarmau. Ship it forever <3

grr I hate Aarmau why not Garmau or another ship why Aaron, aph you are going…

Um...travis don't you have a thing for katel...yknow what, nevermind

travis don't you have a thing for katel.yknow what, nevermind but I do NOT ship katemau

You need your cat self Laurance

laurance falls in holes to often

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Garroth, Laurence, Katelyn, and Aphmau is the best team. their team song would be Warriors by: Imagine Dragons.

Too late to say I love u by Cippy21.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Dear sweet Irene my heart. Someone needs to hide my body because I think I just cried myself to death. It's that adorable and poor Garroth he tried so hard but never got the chance to say "Aphmau, I love you.