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Chapter The Gentiles 'The Scriptures speak of three classes of people on the earth, the Jews, the Gentile, and the Church. The Church is made up of.

OT Kings- Judah/Israel side by side

OT Kings- Judah/Israel side by side

Because American Vision is a worldview ministry, we address issues that are broader in scope than most ministries. As a result, we take issue with a number of topics that many Christians hold dear. My discussion of eschatology gets the attention of many who first land on American Vision’s ...

You're Not Getting Raptured Out of Here. Deal With It


Daniel 9: Humble prayer and explanation of 70 weeks

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The Chart of the seventy weeks and the coming of Christ, with the rapture of the saints.

timeline of the book of daniel | the next timeline presents the information for daniel 9 which

The arrow on the right represents Daniel and the discussion on the little horn in Daniel which is the Antichrist.

Daniel Chapter 11 Timeline with a link to Dr. J. Vernon McGee's exposition!!

This site is dedicated to proclaiming the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and declaring the many Biblical prophecies concerning His return to establish His kingdom and to give praise, glory and honor to His name

creation Gen1-2

Diagram of God’s creation as the Bible tells in Genesis, chapters 1 & 2 infographic

The Church

Clarence Larkin Bible, Dispensational, and Prophecy Charts