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Kết quả hình ảnh cho nutella

Kết quả hình ảnh cho nutella

Estoy segura que esto fue un envío directo desde el cielo.

18 Inventos que parecen haber caído desde el mismo cielo

Nutella, the yummy Italian chocolate-and-hazelnut spread made by Ferrero, has introduced a new snack-and-drink-in-one-pack product. The name of it is about as generic as the product itself is innovative—it’s called Nutella Snack & Drink.

Omg these cakes are ways too cute😍😍😍 They even have Nutella jars on top on them😍😍😍 📷: 📍:

(China (Mainland))

Nutella snacks, the only "lunchish" item abbey will actually eat, i need to find these again!

Surprise Explosion!

Surprise Explosion!

Moreo... THEY ARE REAL!!!

Is this a thing? This better be a thing. <----- (I know right) && where do they sell these? «--- Dear Sweet baby Jesus and all that is holy please let this be a thing!