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You’ve somehow convinced yourself that dressing your cat in historical garb is a good idea. | 13 Signs You've Gone Too Far With Your Pet's Halloween Costume

One of the most common costumes that women usually wear for Halloween is a cat costume. What makes being a cat so popular during Halloween time?

From the Jewish cats of the World: Happy No Eating Yom Kippur

From the Jewish cats of the World: Happy No Eating Yom Kippur

Elephant cat.  One of my cats will own this by this evening...

Cats Dressed Up As Other Animals

Grumpy Cat Halloween Memes

Here are the best Grumpy Cat Halloween Memes images from around the interwebs. We search for the latest trending Grumpy

LOVE the Wilford Brimley Remix!!! Watch it here: http://youtu.be/pod4jIKT_kA

"I do not like thee, diabetes cat, Please go away. Go away, oh thou diabetes cat!" Do not know who took the picture of the cat, but I must confess the silly piece of verse is my own.

Yeah, ok, I'm not sure how well this might work on my kitties... (Also, should I pin this under "Ponies!" or "Cats!" >.<)

Geek Shot: My Little Pony (Cat)

I. Hate. Mornings.

I are not a morning cat. I do need my morning coffee and afternoon and evening also. Coffee always for me! Enjoy yours today.