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So sick of hearing people say that we do things with the purpose of pissing them off.  If the way we live our life and the decisions we make anger you, then that's your problem, not ours. Maybe you should stop living your life trying to find out what we are up to and go live your own life. I don't know, nor do I care, what you do or what is going on in your life. Get over yourself.

Funniest quote ever

When the only reasonable thing to do is drink wine. | 10 Ecards That Are Exactly Like Your Life.

My life motto

Today's been a drinking wine out of a sports bottle kind of day.  Whatever it takes!

Today's been a drinking wine out of a sports bottle kind of day . Or the individual box wine

Drink wine and then you'll have space in the fridge for food. (Or more wine) http://www.halfbottles.com.au

Just trying to make room in the refrigerator.

Where's my wine?

Funny Confession Ecard: I can't wait for my wine to get here.I mean my husband to get here. Replace wine with vodka.

If there were "Box Tops for Education" on wine labels, my kid's school would be rich!

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Girls night out

I think it's time to plan a crap talking, venting, wine drinking night. I mean lets plan girls night in!

I could put this on facebook about 50 times a day reading the random dumb posts, people put on there.

This is my response to completely unsolicited parenting advice.

Another. Round please!

I live in Missouri & can vouch for the accuracy of this statement, crazy as it seems.And Kansas, too!

OMG can you imagine the things that might be said???!!!! ROFL

Funny Weekend Ecard: It doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full. There is clearly room for more vodka.


Sometimes I think, 'Screw this. I'll just be a stripper!' Then I remember I'm fat. and can't dance. OK so I would never be a stripper but I love it!

Nightly Specials at Mezza Restaurant and Bar | Mezza Restaurant ... #WineQuotes

Nightly Specials at Mezza Restaurant and Bar | Mezza Restaurant ... #WineQuotes

wine cork crafts #winecorkcrafts

wine cork crafts #winecorkcrafts

Nah, I don't want all of those free Norwex products, much less to hang out with my girl friends and drink wine... said no-one ever.

Yeah, that cork craft thing.

Mine would be coffee, I'd replace it with murder.

I'd have to replace wine with murder. This actually made me laugh out loud and almost spit out my drink.