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My friends on my tennis teams and in my groups often tell me, in a teasing way, that I am bossy. And I have to admit, it’s true. But it’s sort of necessary if you want to make sure that…

You are....

I love my bff! Her name is Gloria but I call her boo! I know that we r best friends but I love her so much and I don't want to leave her till I die. Hope someone shows this to her. Love you girl!

hahhahah! THIS IS JUST LIKE MY CHARACTERS 'Why would you love me?' 'I love you because your awesome, just like me."  "Whaaaaaa?"

I love you because you’re awesome. Your awesomeness is one if the many things I love about you too!

Hehe I love y'all and thought this was funny!! PP☘

Me and Vi tell each other this all the time. We lucked out with the coolest besties evaaa ;

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So true! And I have the Best sister in the world! Love you Amy R.

Although I can honestly say, I haven't wanted to wring my sister's neck for at least 20 years!

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So true! And I will always love my sisters. For my sisters Love you guys Moffatt Moffatt Moffatt Moffatt Avery Stone Stone Stone Huber Bam

I love you.

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That's how it is when you are the oldest! For sure.

my little sister.if you ever lay a finger on her i will get all ninja on you! Me, Fluorescent -If I had siblings, yes, but I treat my best friends and their siblings as family.

So true

This is so my sister and I, people look at us like we are crazy! Which of course only makes us laugh harder! "My best friend and I are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who don't get to listen to our conversations and enjoy the hilariousness.

Teacher: u can choose your partner. Me: "look at best friend and smile like a mad person"

my best friends and i ALWAYS give each other derpy looks when something funny happens in class. we read each others minds. the funny thing is, we look at each other at the same time.

You and I are more than Friends. We're like a really small gang. @Kacie Jenkins Jenkins Weaver Simmons - ain't that the truth of us and our renegades, lol

You and I are more than friends. We're like a really small gang. BFF's will always BFF's 2 days or 20 years when it is a true friendship.