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1938 - EGYPT Three figures on camelback behold the pyramids of Giza. National Geographic’s Anniversary

Kvadratura kruhu – Wikipedie

π ,a transcendental number, squaring the circle is not possible in a finite number of steps using the classical tools of compass and straightedge.

Luxor, Egypt.♥ Stunning, classic jewelry: www.bluedivadesigns.wordpress.com #bluedivagal

Luxor temple you can visit Luxor while being at Sharm El-Sheikh wish Sharmers tours

Entrance to pharaoh Ramses VI tomb (KV9) in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.

Great Temples, Monuments and The Pyramids of Egypt

King Tut's Tomb Entrance at Valley of the Kings, Egypt. His mummy had been placed on display when I was there.

Una reconstrucción artística de cómo vio Herodoto por primera vez las pirámides de Egipto.

The Great Pyramids were originally Bright White, and we're encased in a covering of highly polished, precision Cut Tura limestone, meant to reflect the sun’s rays, and were accurate within of an inch.

view from the pyramid

catholicnun: “ omgtsn: “ “ slavicinferno: “ The Unbelievable Photos Taken by the Crazy Russians Who Illegally Climbed Egypt’s Great Pyramid ” ” how the fuck could you do that.

The Sphinx in an arial photo Now fully excavated from sands that once covered it all but the head.

The Sphinx in an arial photo - Note how disproportionally small the head is. Probably the original head was carved down by a later pharoah.

Egypt! Pyramids and Sphinx

Is It Real:Mysticism of Great Pyramid and Sphinx

American baseball players at the Sphinx - 1888

American baseball players pose on the Sphinx of Giza, during Albert Spalding’s world baseball tour to promote the sport.