door hues - toujours pour la porte

Color Scheme: Purple and Grey

door hues – toujours pour la porte - Home Decor Inspired by Color - Home Decor Inspired by Color

Gold and grey tones wedding colors

I like these colors together, I wouldn't have the patients to do a design like this. This 'ornate gilt' colour pallet by Design Seeds suits our Get the Look Embrace Folding Bath Screen Photograph - with its golden Hues and Black accents.

The Abundant Abode: Sunday in Suburbia: Our Guestroom Suite

teal doors- design seeds // Blue Isle, , Blue Beard/ - I think I mentioned when there to do your front door in the 'office blue' color. Would be a nice POP at front entrance


color pallets galore---good color pallet for my dining/kitchen/great room

Как научиться сочетать цвета красиво в палитре теплого цветотипа? Примеры самых сочных и красивых сочетаний!

Mixing the perfect palette can often be a challenging and intimidating endeavor, whether you're painting walls, adding accents or combining patterns

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Color Spring

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Interesting site... color pallettes based on photos, could be used for design inspiration.

11 peaceful paint palettes inspired by the sea

11 peaceful paint palettes inspired by the sea . for my living room (the last colour we chose is too purple).

"пыльный" бежевый, "пыльный" коричневый, "пыльный" розовый, бежевый, бледно-розовый, коричневый, кофейный бежевый, нежная палитра для свадьбы, нежные оттенки розового, нежные оттенки розы, оттенки розового, розовый, розовый и темно-розовый, светло-коричневый, светло-розовый, серо-розовый, сочетание цветов для свадьбы, тёмно-розовый, цвет розы.

Resource that helps you in color selection, specially created with this aim; it is the generator of inspiration.