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Clouded leopard - lives in: most of Asia weighs: 25 to 51 lb length: (males) 32 to 43 in (females) 27 to 37 in tail length: (female) 24 to 32 in (males) 29 to 36 in eats: deer, pigs, monkeys, squirrels and birds.

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Clouded Leopard- too bad people are killing them and that these beautiful creatures are becoming endangered

CLOUDED LEOPARD~Native to South Eastern Asia, the habitat of the clouded leopard is generally that of dense tropical forest up to a height of 7,000 feet,

Clouded Leopard - just one of the many wildlife species under threat due to palm oil.

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Mandalay looking at me Clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa)

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A rare Clouded Leopard cub, born March 7 at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, has reached a new step in his development: introduction to the great outdoors (and his adoring fans).

so beutiful!

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Clouded Leopard (Photograph by Peter Weimann / Animals—Earth Scenes) Somewhere between the small cats, which can purr, and the big cats, which can roar, are clouded leopards. These rare cats make their home in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.

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IMG 7360

'Harry' Clouded Leopard Santago Rare Leopard Project

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Clouded Leopard by Colin Langford

Clouded Leopard by Colin Langford

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Name: Java Gender:Female Species: Clouded Leopard Mate/Crush: none Personality: She is shy, caring, and sometimes sarcastic. She is very clever and is hoping to find a friendly and smart mate. She will not hunt animals if she knows them.

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