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daMoment Greg Long, Pico Alto by Richard Hallman

1 - The Surfing Philosophy - Fun

Extreme Sports Emotions 2015 -XTreme Moments-Amazing -Parkour-Extreme -AWESOME - Epic -Best Series 2 The World's Best Parkour and Freerunning .

Sharing some womens fashion and inspiring pins of living the good life by the sea as well as some beautiful travel photography. Celebrate the beach life. White sand beaches, surfing waves, waves ,swell, ripcurl, babes, models, faces, surfers,blue skies, blue water, crystal clear water, good weather, golden retriever, happiness, pursuit of happiness, ocean, sea, sealife, aqua, water sports,

Empty thoughts fill the room.Breathe for me and I'll breathe for you.Let's be selfish tonight

surf4living: Mark Healey, the drop. Photo by Zak Noyle

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I sit on the beach drawing and enjoying the fresh sea air when I hear someone walking up to me ((Open RP))

hey you found my blog - surf4living: Big Island Dreamy Land Taken on a...

Overcoming Fear Of The Ocean

Home is where the waves are — Big Island Dreamy Land Taken on a.

alfaiatenicois: “We are surfers Lisa Olsson ”

Best Wetsuit Brands For Surfing 2017 and 2018