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I love these suits, especially the blue one in the bottom left. Looks 1930s

Vintage Swimwear Inspiration: Tips for Sewing Swimsuits

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Vintage Swimsuits from the photography black and white beach vintage retro models old photos swimsuits


Balloon senior picture ideas for girls. Senior picture ideas for girls with balloons.

Zonnebadende modellen, gekleed volgens de laatste badmode

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Eve Out of The Garden: Watching the swimsuit evolution

For the summer my Fashionabale History segment will be about bathing suits and swimwear by decade. The early Victorian/Edwardian, i.

monnieccmika: “ Step-By-Step Fat Loss Plan ”

Many decades ago, long before the beach became synonymous with bikini-clad hotties, there were simply ladies in modest swim wear, out for a dip rather than a swim. Take a look at some classic swim wear photos from the pages of vintage fashion magazines.

Catalina vintage swimwear ad

Catalina swimsuit ad, complete with ‘Glamour Guide’ explaining which styles of swimsuit were designed to flatter which type of figure (artwork by Ren Wicks)

Nina Leen Beach Fashions. Florida (1950)

I miss the beach so I hit up Etsy for some vintage beach stuff. I have a Vintage Beach Treasury List there so you can check it out, if y.