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I'm not a huge fan of gold but the detail on this ring is beautiful!

Très Elégante Gloriously intricate and delicate! The lack of pretentious ostentation makes this ring especially beautiful - a timeless treasure - which says "This love will last forever.

Vintage wedding ring..the bigger, the better. My girls: please take notes, so my…

Favoring this vintage engagement ring, the way the light hits this ring the diamonds almost resemble champagne diamonds to me.

make the money don't let the money make you. — sparkly umbrella | via Tumblr auf We Heart It....

*my dream wedding ring. But w/a gorgeous emerald in the middle instead of a diamond* This is probably the prettiest ring I've ever seen

this is the most absolutely gorgeous engagement ring I've ever seen. So perfect for me!! <3 hint hint to future fiance/husband ;D Like, fo real fo real.

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