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O.K., I promise not to say "bitch" at church - still I hate it when I'm singing for all I'm worth... and someone gives me that looook.    I usually just tell 'correctors' I'm making a joyful noise.

I hate when I'm singing a song and someone corrects me. I'm like, "Bitch, what if I was freestyling?

What if...

I hate when I'm singing a song and someone corrects me. I'm like 'Bitch, what if I was freestyling.' I never know the words!

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Funny eCard - My Dad convinced me that the Ice Cream truck only played music when it was sold out - Well played Dad

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Every time I run into "some" people from high school I am actually thinking this.


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I just met a Girl Scout with a credit card reader on her phone.    Shit just got real.

I never buy Girl Scout cookies because I don't carry cash! Now if I find a girl with this I will gain on thin mints

Seriously, I keep saying that and I never seem to get my shit together by that age!

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: I miss being the age when I thought I'd have my shit together by the time I was the age I am now.

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men are fuckers. My husband cooks and cleans sometimes but I just thought thus was funny lol

I was totally unaware that they made one of these all about me! I feel so special!

Funny Confession Ecard: That moment when you're supposed to be cleaning and you put on music and it turns into a dance party for one. Yup this is me!

Ahahahaha!!! yip - sounds like me!!!

The truth about Bikini Season.the truth of my life!

Since Lorna this is true

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