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The man who became my husband saw my WILD 'beach' Hair in a photo before we started dating. Thankfully he loves me and my WILD 'beach' Hair in all it's glory. he's my husband now.


also "why do you straighten it? it looks so good curly!" because it's easier to tame my hair straight than the frizzy beast of a curly mane :P

Ha so true! I have a strict don't touch my hair policy when it's left naturally curly!

Curly Hair Problem When someone is trying to be affectionate by touching your hair, and you awkwardly have to get them to stop. ie Why I wear my hair straight more often than not.

I don't really have curly hair but it's wavy and frizzy and definitely blows up when it's humid or rainy haha.

Curly hair problem - this is why I never straighten my hair.one drop of humidity and poof.superman curl on my forehead!