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oh johnny johnny johnny, will you ever reach an age where you lose your ridiculously good looks?

Picture of Captain Jack Sparrow

Pirate and Pirate Ship Coloring Pages and Sheets

The Captain Jack Sparrow

Disney executives hated the character of Jack Sparrow and one questioned whether he was gay, Johnny Depp says. The actor, speaking about his Pirates of the Caribbean character, said that bosses at Disney were confused and annoyed by the creation.

He's amazing...

I love Johnny but I really love the photographer Annie Leibovitz.her photography is beautiful, wether it's celebrites, disney inspired, or general photography she never fails to catch my eye!

@Ivonne Sanchez - how would you like to wake up to this guy outside your window???  Oh Johhy!

What red-blooded, living, breathing female wouldn't be jealous of that damn window? Are you kidding me? He's welcome to my Secret Window any time! Too funny!

Johnny Depp photobombing

Celebrity Photobombs, From Jennifer Lawrence to Aaron Paul and More

Celebrity Photobombs - Mr Depp hides behind film director Tim Burton as they promote “Alice in Wonderland” in Tokyo, (Photo by Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP Photo)