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The Afternoon Pic Me Up

Jam session

Funny Pun:When you take English words and idioms too literally (Illustrations By Keren Rosen)

Dad Joke Survivors http://ibeebz.com

Funny pictures about Dad Joke Survivors. Oh, and cool pics about Dad Joke Survivors. Also, Dad Joke Survivors photos.

10 Fresh Memes: Using The Toilet At Your Friend's Home.

The first one When you act sweet and then you trust them enough to show the real you

One time I was playing this and I legitimately spawned in front of my highschool. No fucking joke.

Did you see this?

The Mapcrunch Game, the game that drops you off in a random location and you have to find your way home.

10 Fresh Memes Today! #8 If 2017 Was A Person

The facial expression on that shorter blonde girl just fuckin killsssssss me lmfaoooooo

Photoshop hacks

Photoshop hacks

I mean, that wheezy laugh where I could barely breathe, with tears running from my eyes. Markiplier and Chica

And that made it funnier

And that made it funnier

Laugh at the best Monty Python And The Holy Grail quotes. Quotes from the movie Monty Python And The Holy Grail. 2 King Arthur: Now stand aside, worthy adversary.

Even though I'm the State Apiarist, I keep my distance from Fluffy Nopes!

Learn the animal kingdom

I love the majestic sea flap flap, he booplesnoot, the danger floof and the fart squirrel 😂

Only took like two(ps he is already on the moon!!)

Funny Wrong Lunar Landing Moon Picture Conspiracy - Took me 10 minutes to find what's wrong with this picture

Seriously cannot stop laughing. He said jay z not no dr. and beyonce aint no preacher wife lol

NYC Artist Shows Us What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People - Too funny!

Spongebob Logic. The people tht made this must have been high af

Spongebob Logic // Suspension of Disbelieve<<This is why my dad didn't want me watching Spongebob. Also, Sandy was playing a saxophone, not a trumpet.

Memes you can't help but laugh at.

31 Memes So Harsh They're Funny

Memes you can't help but laugh at. Mean evil faces inside onions, Welcome to My Secret layer, INFJ and INFJ-T personality personalities we have multiple layers, get to know us,