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I like you therefore I must put a ring on you. The wise words of Beyonce. Omg love the 'dibs' XD Cas owns him now.


Funny pictures about Misha Collins Needs An Explanation. Oh, and cool pics about Misha Collins Needs An Explanation. Also, Misha Collins Needs An Explanation photos.

So funny

Navigation system voiced by Castiel. This would be awesome


Here, we see the moose confused. Suddenly the moose is distracted by a ray of light. And here is the moose being interrupted by an angry tiger. A very angry tiger. The crow seems pleased 《But Dean's a squirrel!

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Sams face 😂😂 And Cas is like "I'll watch you!" And deans just embarrassed 😂 Sams loving this. And Cas loves Dean.


I don't even watch Supernatural and I love these guys, it must be…*flashlight shines on face* SECOND HAND FANDOM DISEASE<<< everybody loves them. Especially in the fandom

GOT IT YET? Lol!!!

So Get This ~ Sam Winchester ~ Supernatural Fan Art. The last one kills me! it is supernatural after all

Omg I can't stop laughing

I love the pure sass on Lucifer's face though. "Really Cas? Of all the things I did, you think I'd go that low?

Fashion sense.  Deans got it.

"What the mark of Cain is doing to Dean and how us twisted fans can find humor in it. LOL" Homegirl this is pre_ Mark of Cain.