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IKEA - RANARP, Kattovalaisin, , Antaa suoran yleisvalon. Sopii hyvin esimerkiksi ruokapöydän valaisemiseen.Täydennettävä KOPPLA-pistotulpalla, joka myydään erikseen.

RANARP Kattovalaisin, luonnonvalkoinen

IKEA RANARP Pendant lamp Off-white 38 cm Gives a directed light; good for lighting up for example dining tables or bar tops.

RANARP Lámpara de techo IKEA Crea una iluminación directa, perfecta para mesas de comedor o una solución de tipo bar.

RANARP Lámpara de techo, negro

RANARP Pendant lamp IKEA Gives a directed light. Good for lighting dining tables or a bar area.

Lámparas de Techo - Iluminación de Techo - IKEA Ranarp

IKEA - RANARP, Pendant lamp, , Gives a directed light. Good for lighting dining tables or a bar area.

IKEA - OTTAVA, Lámpara de techo, , Cada pantalla de vidrio soplado es única.Como dirige la luz hacia abajo, es perfecta para poner sobre la mesa de comedor.

OTTAVA Lámpara de techo, aluminio

IKEA - HEKTAR, Lámpara de techo, , Esta lámpara emite una buena luz directa sobre la mesa y crea una agradable iluminación ambiental para cenar.

Kitchen-IKEA - HEKTAR, Pendant lamp, , This lamp gives a pleasant atmosphere for dining, spreading direct light across your dining or bar table.

JANSJÖ Applique/spot à pince à LED IKEA Le bras de la lampe est réglable et vous pouvez facilement orienter la lumière dans la direction souhaitée.

JANSJÖ Applique/spot à pince à LED, blanc

IKEA - JANSJÖ, LED wall/clamp spotlight, white , You can easily direct the light where you want it because the lamp arm is adjustable.You can light up even the smallest space in your home and put it to practical use with this super-slim lamp.


Edie, suspension, acier brossé

Pon orden en el interior de tus muebles con accesorios - IKEA

VARIERA Box with handle IKEA Flexible storage that makes it easy to see and reach your groceries and other items in an open drawer.

MERETE Cortina, 1par - IKEA150x300 - 30€

MERETE Cortina, 1par, azul

IKEA - MERETE, Curtains, 1 pair , The thick curtains darken the room and provide privacy by preventing people outside from seeing into the room.The eyelet heading allows you to hang the curtains directly on a curtain rod.