Someone requested a picture of Celestia so I used her as a speed paint warmup for this morning. Worked longer on this than I meant to. I was originally only going to spend 1 hour on it but ended up...

Well, now it really is a pony. I'll corrected this one picture [link] princess Celestia (c) Lauren Faust My Little Pony: princess Celestia

Celestia and Apple Blossoms

Celestia and Apple Blossoms

The finale of my "Princesses and Flowers" set thingy! And it's my most favorite princess, Celestia! Celestia and Apple Blossoms

Rainbow Dash                                                       …

currently my favorite character since i started watching mlp:fim

May Festival Pony - Pinkie Pie by selinmarsou on DeviantArt

Finally I did a new May Festival Pony This time it's Pinkie. May Festival Pony - Pinkie Pie