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I wish people would stop posting this picture. This woman is NOT Tasha Tudor!

Haku <---- I wish he either looked more like a guy or was actually a girl...

Haku would have to get number one on that spot. He taught Naruto so much (When you have someone to protect, then your true strength will be revealed)/ Haku/ Naruto/ Character


Sasori of the Red Sand Beautiful Wallpaper ♥♥♥

This is so true, this anime/manga has taught us a lot, though it should read 'peace' instead of 'piece' for what Jiraiya taught ;)

I finished the manga last week, so I wanted to make my on "What Naruto taught me"

Konan, Akatsuki, Naruto

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Lol look at sakuras face

I know it's NaruHina and SasuSasku but for me it would always be SasuNaru *Yuri versión*