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A special tattoo.

" A young girl plops into the chair." I smile and grab the fire power ink out to do her Phoenix tattoo <<<When she grows up she will become a firemage overlord to fight in the end by giving herself tattoos


writing prompt - Earth is actually an animal sanctuary designed specifically to preserve a critically endangered species: Humans. Today the first reintroduction of Earth bred humans back into the wild will take place.

Thankfully the head of the drug Carter's wife was unable to have children. She had been praying for a child and it seems as though her prayers had been answered.

She grew up off the scraps that these dealers would throw her out of pity or disgust. She learned pick pocketing at six. She completed her first successful scam at eight. Your character is an undercover agent assigned to find her and try to recruit her.

writing prompt<---Think I've seen a similar movie idea...I think Cuba Gooding Jr was in it?

Why You Should Never Trust Spell Check

writing prompt<---Think I've seen a similar movie idea.I think Cuba Gooding Jr was in it?<<< i have no idea but it sounds nEATo

I know what you're thinking and it ain't happening. Said my guard

Spread his wings.

SHe yearned to spread his wings and fly, but they were bound so tightly that it was physically hurting. (Make dis gurl?

writing prompt

Embarrassing moment essay ideas for My Most Embarrassing Moment essaysSome things are easier to remember, and some are easier to forget. I can remember my most embarrassing moment as if it.

I'd bring him pizza.<<< LOVE THAT COMMENT <<< Not as much as I do XD I repinned this only because of the comment

Death’s pet.

Prompt 》 Death is lonely and is looking to getting a pet to cheer him up. He chooses you.

"Stop! Are you blind? Don't you see the sign?" He hissed pulling me back. I blinked at him, then at the sign.  "Children at play." I raised an eyebrow. "So? What about it." Echoes of childish laughter came from past the barb wire fence.  "The children are at play." His tone was urgent, obviously I was missing something. "No one escapes their games alive."

Children at play.

Writing prompt: In an alternate universe the caution sign "children at play" is not what it seems, it's a warning.