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Kuvahaun tulos haulle risuaskartelut

Kuvahaun tulos haulle risuaskartelut

Reuse old pallets as outdoor book shelves

Outdoor pallets Could line the inside of part of my deck too I'd like to try dark wood tones or great colors - or leave the rustic look.

Driftwood house boat

Little House Boat. This is just so charming & look at all the painstaking work that went into making it.

Tiny lit houses. (Mobile?) Link is broken. Looks like scrapbook paper, battery tea lights.   Domki latarnie

DIY Cardboard Small Village Shaped Lantern - there must be a way - either way, I want to make this :)

Schönes winterliches Arrangement. Schön gemacht.

VIBEKE DESIGN I know this is a Christmas vingnette, however the heart pinecone wreath would be adorable on the door for Vday.

Willow branches were used to make this play house and they rooted and started to produce leaves

Red Red Completely Red: "The willow branches, though cut from the tree, can take root and start to produce leaves of their own after they've been woven, giving the little huts a healthy mop of green hair, which you could trim or style as you like.

Tack för alla fina hejarop angående mitt 'vinterparadis'! Ni är alldeles för snälla... Så välordnat som vi har det där... har vi verkligen d...

Several good ideas for decorating the winter garden. Making a big ball with evergreen (moss, leaves, pine, anything) and turning into a "tree" is really clever.