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[FB] I don't really like aggressive atheism, but this popped up in my feed and it was too disgusting to stay silent about. Not very elegant, but I think I made my point.

Your religious belief has no business in the decisions of other people. Abortion is nobody's choice other than a woman who is pregnant and her healthcare provider. If doctors don't want to provide healthcare then they shouldn't be posing as if they do.

Abortions are a woman's right...her body, her choice.

i agree with some of these quotes(comprehensive sex Ed). I'm sure that not a single mother who didn't have an abortion does not regret it. still prochoice though because not all women are the same

Boo-yah Fox News !

I'm PeggySue part 70

If Fox News thinks that a Muslim can't write a book about Christianity, would they agree that men can't write legislation about women?

YES. 1000 times. YES. > I'm so glad I live in a country that provides free health care for the majority. This has contributed to a reduction in the stigma surrounding this topic, and most of the women I have met throughout the years are now on some kind of birth control. This is not necessarily just to prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also to help with the treatment of health conditions such as anemia, as mentioned in this post, and mental illnesses.

War on women - Birth control, using it means that person has taken responsibilty for their decisions, not because they are a 'slut',

This whole post just put all my thoughts into words! Thank you! This is what has been on my mind but I haven't known how to explain it!

The Social Media Marketing Manifesto - Infographic

(sorry for the crappy editing big things are always hard to put together) you know those things that seem wrong but you don't know why but then you see a post like this and it all makes sense?

THIS is why feminism matters. All women will recognize themselves in at least a few of these stories.

Men have no idea what it takes to be a woman. To grin and bear it and persevere. The constant state of war, navigating the relentless obstacle course of testosterone and misogyny, where they think we are property to be owned and plowed.

It's sickening to see the way men, and sometimes other women, treat feminists online and in person.  It doesn't matter the race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation...everyone deserves to live with basic human rights and equality.

Lewis' Law is an observation she made in 2012 that states "the comments on any article about feminism justify feminism.

Okay so this is REALLY important, and wonderfully demonstrates the struggle women go through that men just DO NOT UNDERSTAND because they don't experience this. BUT the thing is, men shouldn't HAVE TO DO THIS BEFORE they believe women. You don't believe us until you experience it yourself, you do not take our own words and years of experience being treated this way. People don't believe women. And it's a MAJOR problem.

Ingrained sexism is so prevalent in almost all fields and it's so important we recognize and combat it.