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Alternate pokemon go teams by seoxys6

The Pocky Game by Mgx0 on DeviantArt

Adorkable~ Continuation of Airalin used Attract You may remember that book from Book Smarts Hope you like it! ^^ For more frequent updates please support me on 

If Pokémon were real…

If Pokémon were real…

Funny pictures about If Pokemons were real. Oh, and cool pics about If Pokemons were real. Also, If Pokemons were real.

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Pokémon - What Comes Next? Technically, the last two are wrong.one is supposedly death (draining life, Yveltal) and the other is life (Xerneas. and the Tao Trio (Reshiram, Kyurem, Zekrom) the duality was Ideals and Truth

Historique des jeux vidéo pokémon

My first pokemon game was fire red. I still remember the day I bought it at Target. Which was your first game? (Mine was also Firered. My friend gave it to me cuz she lost her gameboy and asked the class who wanted it.

I've heard that you love Pokemons

I've heard that you love Pokemons

Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur

The Original Starters. If you look closely, you can see Misty with Sqiurtle, Ash with Charmander, and Brock with Bulbasaur.

Welcome to the world of dragons (although some are missing)

Welcome to the world of dragons (although some are missing)

Awesome dragon pokemon pic, though it is outdated lol<<< "Outdated? 'Cause it doesn't have rainbow deer and the bird of mass destruction?

The bond between my first starter Pokemon and first captured pokemon is unbreakable deal with it

Rules of the Internet by on DeviantArt<<<funny but now I want to ship gardevoir and swampert

Say hello to Team Soul <3 I drew it a while ago but I completely forgot to post it xD <da:thumb id="622736693"><da:thumb id="622736138"> _____________________________________________...

So I really enjoy drawing teams like this xD And I see by their popularity you guys like them too so might as well make more with different legendary Pokémon &nbsp;

This would be my Pokemon team (other than Team Rocket).

It's time for Team Omega! Hear them roar! I drew this one today during my live stream along with Team Alpha, Team Delta, Team Soul and Team Voltage I will be posting the other ones soon!