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There are two types of cats in this world. those who talk and those who don't. BTS TAE and yoongi v


thank his parents for this wonder Aww~~ Jiminie❤

I'd rather do both myself, thank you<<<that is what I call a good comment

Find a man who can do both. Then find another. Now ship them together. STAN VKOOK or TAEKOOK. Can we decide on one name to call this ship yet ahaha! It's been going on for centuries I swear I need an official statement on which name to use lol ❤

¿Recuerdan las vacaciones de verano de BTS? Después de su viaje a Kota Kinabalu, BTS eligió Dubai cómo su siguiente parada en sus Vacaciones de Verano! Visitaron Abu Dhabi para cumplir con su agend…

[NAVER][Starcast] Disfrutemos de las vacaciones de Verano juntos. BTS en Dubai!

Suddenly my skin became clear, my bills are payed, i am no longer sick; Kim Seokjin is a blessing.

lmao he said it right the first time then the second marked this gem in history

Ireon: I just died from laughter right at that moment XD

He is the golden maknae!!!

Vkook is probably real bc Jungkook is slowly becoming Tae

sigh...i know their real name, stage name, other names, all nicknames, and can match single body parts to names...

That's exactly what happened with me 3 months ago //BTS- OMFG LMAFO 😂💘💘 This is so wht happens

Oh my cod this guy

I remember one time when i was working at a store and an old lady asked me for something and i showed her an item then asked if that was it, and she told me she was blind(´・_・`)