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"Sing While You May" -- Homemade Cassette-Tape Spine Art by Steve Vistaunet

Raise yr hand if this looks at all familiar... raise both hands if you still have all yr cassettes...

I adore these images of cassette tape spines lovingly labeled and decorated from the caveman days. I don’t miss cassette tapes at all, but the bespoke folk art aspect of these is kind of funky fresh, you have to admit… Via Boing Boing

Cassette Art on Computer by Steve Vistaunet

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. L)

The Lost Art of Cassette Design by Steve Vistaunet / posted by ianbrooks.

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Fitas cassete tambem estão em alta

From the archive: 30 gb of lost cassette tapes

Cassette Tapes - EVERYBODY made at least 1 mix tape in the 80's n early 90's!

Cassette tapes ~ I had boxes loaded with "mix" tapes (made from holding the tape recorder up to radio or tv)


Cassette tapes - used to tape songs from the top 40 countdown on the radio.

Oh when we used to make mixed tapes.

No idea where this image is from, but I've made and decorated mixed tapes of many of these same albums. Southern Death Cult, even?

A picture of can designs for popular soda brands over the past few decades.

Funny pictures about Soda Can Design Evolution. Oh, and cool pics about Soda Can Design Evolution. Also, Soda Can Design Evolution photos.

Really want to blow your kids mind? Tell them MTV uses to play music. 1980 http://ift.tt/2iIPayf

Wonder how many Mtv Logo designs were created and shown ? Ah I remember when Music Television actually had music on it.