I have absolutely no idea how she is doing this right on the tops of toes with her legs perfectly straight!


Fotógrafo registra dançarinos na Cidade do México para provar que Trump está errado

Gratitude—that& what New York-based photographer Omar Robles took away with him after his latest experience photographing ballet dancers in urban backdrop

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Top 10 most stunning sunset photos we have found. Be sure to check out our quick tips video so you can start shooting amazing sunsets of your own! AN AMAZING SUNSET PHOTO!

Ana Turazashvili Ана Туразашвили by Alexander Yakovlev Александр Яковлев

Ana Turazashvili Ана Туразашвили

Ana Turazashvili Ана Туразашвили, Bolshoi Ballet Source and more info at: Photographer Alexander Yakovlev Website Photographer Alexander Yakovlev on Photographer Alexander Yakovlev on Fotolia…

Tanzen bedeutet auch Vertrauen und Verbundenheit - in/mit sich, den eigenen Körper und seinen Partner

ex-stream counter balance. this is a counter balance at its finest. two people working together using body weight and strength to create a perfect piece (pose).

This poster on dance class etiquette is similar to some found in many studios- great to read if you're preparing for your first class.

Dance Teacher Press -- dance class etiquette poster --- this is the best thing I've ever pinned!

10 Ballet Photos That Prove Dancing Is The Magical Alternative To Walking

10 Ballet Photos That Prove Dancing Is The Magical Alternative To Walking

Isabella - Avenue, New York City, Contour 360 Jeans by AG Jeans - The Ballerina Project