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Andrey Svetov via @pristinaorg

73 fotos de Tatuagens geométricas

73 fotos de Tatuagens geométricas

Interesting triangle/triangular geometric design - if this was done large scale in multi colours it would be a nice wall pattern for the craft room.


This Artist Creates Geometric Line And Dot Tattoos To Prove Less Is More (Bicem Sinik)

Victor J Webster

Two of the tree main nerves run directly over the inner elbow, making it one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

INSPIRE-SE : tatuagens pequenas e delicadas!

INSPIRE-SE : tatuagens pequenas e delicadas! (Lua De Vênus)

sister Tattoos

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Black & White Line Drawing Folk Art-Style Matryoshka Russian Nesting Dolls Sisters Forearms Tattoos --- This could also be done for a mother and her two daughters, which would be a perfect fit (ha ha ha) for my Polish family!

Let It Be Tattoo -

Tattoo: letting go love the placement. Change the kite to two birds flying twards the sun with flourish flight pattern and dates in flight pattern.

This is simple but creative geometric tat with some objects - circle, rhombus, hexagon and arrows passing through those objects.


bird tattoo : black and white : Stefan Sinclair of Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland.

I got a henna tattoo earlier today and now I am determined to start doing my own #dragon #tattoos #tattoo

Actually just a remake of a cute lttle dragon tribal design i did earlier. i decided it& make a great tattoo if only it were a little fiercer. so i doodled this during a talk in c&